Settings Changelog


  • Changed CACHES['default']['BACKEND'] from django.core.cache.backends.locmem.LocMemCache to caching.backends.locmem.LocMemCache. We use the LocMemCache backend from cache-machine, as it interprets the “0” timeout parameter of cache in the same way as the Memcached backend: as infinity. Django’s LocMemCache backend interprets it as a “0 seconds” timeout (and thus doesn’t cache at all).


  • Added AES_KEYS as a settings for encrypting OAuth secrets. Uses a sample by default, set this on a production server to something else.


  • Added ES_USE_PLUGINS. Some features of Elasticsearch require installed plugins. To bypass requiring these plugins locally set this to False. On our servers this should be True.


  • Added ES_DEFAULT_NUM_REPLICAS. Locally if you’re running a single Elasticsearch node you probably want to set this to 0 (zero).
  • Added ES_DEFAULT_NUM_SHARDS. Locally 3 shards is sufficient.


  • Removed GEOIP_NOOP, GEOIP_HOST, and GEOIP_PORT as they are no longer used.
  • Added GEOIP_URL which is the fully qualified URL to your locally running geodude <> instance without trailing slash.
  • Changed default GEOIP_DEFAULT_VAL to 'worldwide'.


  • Added PACKAGED_ZIP setting, which is the base filename of the .zip containing the packaged app for the consumer-facing pages of the Marketplace.
  • Removed FIREPLACE_SECRET_KEY setting since SECRET_KEY is already used for making user secrets and we need something immediately.


  • Added FIREPLACE_SECRET_KEY setting, used for creating shared secrets for API login from the marketplace frontend.


  • Added FIREPLACE_URL setting, for the origin URL of the Marketplace frontend.


  • Removed MDN_LAZY_REFRESH setting.



  • Added ALLOW_SELF_REVIEWS which allows you to approve/reject your own add-ons and apps. This is especially useful for testing on our staging and -dev servers. In production this should always remain False.


  • Added settings changelog * This will give us an area to mention new settings (and mark them as

    optional) so people can look to see what has happened in settings-land.

  • Removed confusion (optional) * Using ‘Added’ and ‘Removed’ and ‘Changed’ as the start of your lines gives a

    nice way to quickly read these.

  • Changed default way to find changes from ask in IRC to check the changelog * We can debate the format, but this gives us a starting point.