Welcome to Zamboni’s documentation!

Zamboni is the codebase for https://addons.mozilla.org/ and https://marketplace.firefox.com/ ; the source lives at https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni

If you want to build a completely different site with all the same Django optimizations for security, scalability, L10n, and ease of use, check out Mozilla’s Playdoh starter kit.


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gettext in Javascript

We have gettext in javascript! Just mark your strings with gettext() or ngettext(). There isn’t an _ alias right now, since underscore.js has that. If we end up with a lot of js translations, we can fix that. Check it out:

cd locale
./extract-po.py -d javascript
pybabel init -l en_US -d . -i javascript.pot -D javascript
perl -pi -e 's/fuzzy//' en_US/LC_MESSAGES/javascript.po
pybabel compile -d . -D javascript
open http://0:8000/en-US/jsi18n/

Git Bisect

Did you break something recently? Are you wondering which commit started the problem?

git bisect start
git bisect bad
git bisect good <master>  # Put the known-good commit here.
git bisect run fab test
git bisect reset

Git will churn for a while, running tests, and will eventually tell you where you suck. See the git-bisect man page for more details.

Running Tests

  • Run your tests like this:

    python manage.py test --noinput --logging-clear-handlers
    • --noinput tells Django not to ask about creating or destroying test databases.
    • --logging-clear-handlers tells nose that you don’t want to see any logging output. Without this, our debug logging will spew all over your console during test runs. This can be useful for debugging, but it’s not that great most of the time. See the docs for more stuff you can do with nose and logging.

There’s also a few useful makefile targets like test, tdd and test_force_db:

make test

Building Docs

To simply build the docs:

make docs

If you’re working on the docs, use make loop to keep your built pages up-to-date:

cd docs
make loop

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